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Hoberman: Time Stands Still in the Harrowing “Double Shooting”

By J. Hoberman | Seen in Berlin (on my break from an event marking the 30th anniversary of R.W. Fassbinder’s death): Lebanese multimedia artist Rabih Mroué’s harrowing film piece “Double Shooting,” installed in a remote part of the old Tempelhof airfield as part of a month-long mock international expo “The World is Not Fair.”
In a way, “Double Shooting” is a more drastic version of the premise underlying the feature “5 Broken Cameras”. Mroué (pictured) has been collecting cell-phone videos of the Syrian revolution that have been posted online, including those in which the citizen journalist records what could be his or her own death. For “Double Shooting,” the artist took one such sequence — scarcely more than a minute in duration — and broke it down into 72 frames. Each frame was blown up and printed on a slat; these slats were then arranged consecutively at regular intervals on one side of a narrow outdoor tunnel about 50 yards in length. Read the full post on Movie Journal.