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Support the Roger Ebert Documentary

Feeling generous during the Thanksgiving holiday? Why not donate a little spare change to this excellent documentary project. “Life Itself” is a film about the life of Roger Ebert, the Chicago-based film critic who died last April. It’s executive produced by Martin Scorsese and directed by Steve James (“Hoop Dreams”). They are currently in post-production and need some extra funds to push them over the finish line. And if they exceed their goal? All the extra money will go to The Roger and Chaz Ebert Foundation, a charity organization that supports educational and arts programs for children in underserved areas. How can you say no? (more…)

In Five: Daniel Day-Lewis as Salinger? A “Breaking Bad” Prequel, and More Culture News

1. The “Salinger” documentary has been receiving mixed reviews, but the most shocking revelation isn’t even in the movie. According to a recent report, director Shane Salerno initially wanted to make a narrative feature about the live of famous reclusive author J.D. Salinger, and was set on casting Daniel Day-Lewis in the project. Salerno points out that Day-Lewis, at certain angles, looks a lot like Salinger, and upon closer inspection, we’d agree. Ultimately, after doing research for the film, Salerno decided what really needed to be made was a documentary. And, apparently, a book. [Huffington Post] (more…)

In Five: Johnny Depp to Play an Art Dealer, Mike D Soundtracks Kenzo’s S/S ’14 Show, and More Culture News

1. Johnny Depp and David Koepp, who previously worked together on the forgettable “Secret Window,” are planning a new project. “Mortdecai,” described as a “comedy crime flick,” revolves around an “art dealer/rogue who somehow gets mixed up in a plot involving Nazi gold, the Russians, the MI5 and more.” Rogue? The film is based on “The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery,” the final novel from Kyril Bonfiglioli, and Depp will try to squeeze this project in between musical “Into the Woods” and the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” film. Koepp and Depp seem to enjoy working together, as the duo once attempted to get a remake of “The Thin Man” off the ground. [Indiewire] (more…)

In Five: Bill Hader Exits “SNL,” Charlie Kaufman’s “Anomalisa” Finds Cast, and More Culture News

1. Bill Hader is leaving the cast of “Saturday Night Live” after nine seasons, it’s being reported. His final regular appearance will be on this week’s season finale. “It was a hard decision, but it has to happen at some point,” Hader said in an interview with the New York Times. “It got to a point where I said, ‘Maybe it’s just time to go.’” [Deadline] (more…)

Q&A: Sebastian Junger on “Which Way is the Front Line From Here?”

By Craig Hubert | On April 20, 2011, celebrated photojournalist Tim Hetherington was killed in the city of Misrata, covering the Libyan civil war. A new HBO documentary, “Which Way is the Frontline From Here?” opens with footage of this day, the last chilling moments of the photographer’s life as he travels with a group of photographers deep into the war zone. Filmmaker Sebastian Junger, a well-regarded journalist, knows this moment, and its subject, well. Junger and Hetherington collaborated on “Restrepo,” the Sundance award-winning chronicle of a 15-month deployment of a platoon in the Korengal Valley of northeast Afghanistan, widely known as one of the most dangerous places on earth, and it’s clear that they developed a close working relationship and a deep friendship. Combining footage from Hetherington’s life as well as interviews with friends, family members, and loved ones, the film presents a moving portrait of an artist willing to take risks to explore the human side of war. [Read the full interview interview with Sebastian Junger here]