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San Diego Opera Closes Its Doors

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Another one down. According to a report in the New York Times, The San Diego Opera, once one of the most famous companies on the West Coast, will close at the end of their season in April due to “an insurmountable financial hurdle.” The decision was made on Wednesday to end their run “with dignity and grace” rather than “inevitably entering bankruptcy,” an obvious reference to the closing of the New York City Opera last year.

Part of the problem, according to the report, is that the company struggled with finding new sources of donations and couldn’t survive on ticket sales alone. The company will end it’s run with four performances of Massenet’s “Don Quixote” before the curtain drops, just shy of their 50th anniversary.

—Craig Hubert

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  1. Marina Bohnen-pratt says:

    One more time – The San Diego Opera has had many financial struggles over the years. Each time I have prayed that they manage the internal politics and financial stresses in order to restart the next season, even with only one opening. I see that we are having major financial problems all over the country and Opera is certainly not Walmart. I pray that they hang in there, even if with only small things like workshops, teaching, traveling to schools for small preformances. It is important to keep the art alive and a vital part of the community. I am with them in spirit. Namaste, Marina

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