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In Five: Lindsay Lohan Goes “Eastbound,” Todd Cole’s Rodarte Short Film, and More Culture News

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1. Lindsay Lohan, the best thing about “The Canyons,” will reportedly join the cast of HBO’s “Eastbound and Down” for its fourth and final season. HBO confirmed the news, but with Lohan, you never know. The actress will reportedly play the daughter of one of the main characters (we’re assuming Danny McBride‘s Kenny Powers), and has already shot a wedding scene set in the future, where she played the bride. This is perfect casting, if you ask me, pretty much the role Lohan was born to play. The new season of “Eastbound” premiers on September 29. [E!]

2. Director Sebastian Silva, who has two films out this summer (the scary “Magic, Magic,” and the druggy “Crystal Fairy,” both starring Michael Cera), is lining up his new one, and it sounds great. “Nasty Baby” centers on a gay couple, played by TV on the Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe and Silva himself, who enlist their friend, played by Kristen Wiig, to help them have a baby. A bit more: “Freddy (Silva) is an artist whose latest work is all about babies. Anna (Wiig) is a family practitioner who is more interested in having a baby than having a man. Mo (Adebimpe) is hesitant about the entire idea, especially when Anna isnʼt having success with Freddyʼs sperm and the donor responsibility shifts to him.” The film will be set in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, and is being produced by Christine Vachon (who frequently works with Todd Haynes) and director Pablo Larrain (“No”). [The Wrap]

3. You want to hear a bizarre story? The actress Famke Janssen came back to her New York City apartment only to find a copy of “The Lonely Doll,” a creepy children’s book, on the bedside table. She filed a police report, but there were no signs of forced entry, and nothing else was missing from the apartment. Now it’s being reported that, after checking security cameras in her building, there were no suspicious people entering or exiting the building, and no prints were found on the book. Maybe it was a ghost who left the book? Or maybe a neighbor is pulling a hilarious prank? [Daily Intel]

4. So have you heard of this place called “The Boiler Room”? It’s a small club located in superstar DJ Richie Hawtin’s home in Ibiza, and has become a must-stop for all DJs to play a set. So Grimes dropped by the Boiler Room yesterday for a special set and apparently made a lot of people very angry by playing a bunch of pop hits, including songs by Taylor SwiftMariah Carey, and a classic from the Venga Boys (Remember them? Probably not, unless you were going to places with names like “Club X” in the late ’90s). Who cares, right? Well, dance music fans are furious! They wanted to hear some beats, dude. Apparently there are rules about techno, or whatever, and pop songs are not to be played on their island of privilege off the coast of Spain. For the record, Grimes has said she was not “trolling,” even though Ibiza and the Boiler Room are places that deserve to be trolled. [Stereogum]

5. The fashion photographer Todd Cole has made a film for fashion house Rodarte, produced for Vice Magazine’s Creators Project. The 13-minute short film blends “magical realism, 1980s video games, and haute couture,” which, I don’t know, seems like they picked a bunch of things out of a hat to make a film about. The film was scored by Beach House, which is cool, I guess, and Elijah Wood has a co-starring role. I hope he got paid for this, at least. Watch below. [SPIN]

—Craig Hubert

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