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Watch Video for David Bowie’s “Valentine’s Day”

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The mysterious David Bowie comeback tour has been thrilling, most of all because of the music videos. The Thin White Duke has a history of creating strange and innovative videos, but the clips he’s been producing for “The Next Day,” his new album, have been extraordinary: Who else would be able to convince Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard to renact a surreal passion play, or Tilda Swinton to play a bored suburban housewife? Now we have the video for one of the new album’s standout tracks, “Valentine’s Day,” which is a little more¬†low key. Bowie, sitting alone in an abandoned warehouse, strums a little guitar and makes scary and intense faces. Also: Did you know that David Bowie has two different colored eyes? Well, they are on full display here. Watch the video below:

Image: Youtube

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