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Must Watch: The Lengthy, Action-Packed New Trailer for “Elysium”

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By Bryan Hood | For awhile there details surrounding Neill Blomkamp‘s latest film, the Matt Damon-starring “Elysium,” were scarce. But the latest trailer for the director’s follow up to “District 9,” fills in a lot of blanks, and while the mystery around the movie may have faded, if anything we’re more excited for it now than we were before. Damon plays Max De Costa, a former ne’er do well attempting to turn himself into a good citizen on the slum world that is Earth in the year 2154. Things are already bad enough for Max and the rest of his fellow Earthlings, but then he falls gravely ill. Fortunately, a cure is available on the luxury habitat floating above the planet, Elysium. Of course, as a poor, decrepit Earth dweller Max isn’t allowed up there, and Elysium’s security head, played by Jodi Foster, is doing to do her darnedest to make sure he doesn’t find a way into the future’s version of a very exclusive gated community. Dystopian setting, lots of a visceral action, and class warfare? Sounds good to us! As we’ve pointed out repeatedly, a lot of this summer’s biggest films have felt like a wastes of time, but this, along with Guillermo Del Torro‘s “Pacific Rim,” give us hope. No, it’s unlikely that either of them are award challengers, but we’ve never been ones to turn our backs on a well made and enjoyable genre flick. “Elysium” is out on August 9.

Image: “Elysium”/YouTube

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