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In Tune: The Effervescent Heights of Dornik’s “Something About You”

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By Bryan Hood | TUNE: On a day when everyone’s online can’t Kanye’s dense and abrasive new album, it’s nice to turn to something airy  and pleasant, and that’s exactly what “Something About You” is. Yeah, its not the deepest song, but what a nice track to disappear into on a Friday afternoon, and a good example of the exciting direction electronic-infused soul and R&B are headed in.
BY: British singer Dornik, who Pitchfork reports used to drum for Jessie Ware’s touring band. A pretty decent seal of approval, if you ask us.
CURRENTLY: As far as we can tell, this is his debut single. If so, not a bad start at all. More is set to come from PMR Records.

Something About You by “Dornik”

Image: Dornik/Facebook

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