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In Five: Kanye West: “I Am a God,” Benicio del Toro Joining Pynchon Film, and More Culture News

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1. Did you think Kanye West was going to show up to the Met Gala last night and not do something crazy. Accompanied by a very-pregnant Kim Kardashian, West put on his favorite kilt and weird mask and, during his performance, decided to scream like he was the singer of My Chemical Romance, punctuated by the statement, “I am a God!” Yes, West’s ego is that huge right now, and it’s amazing.  A-Trak posted a Vine of the incident, which you can watch below. And since Kanye reportedly has a new album coming out very soon, is this a sign of what to expect? [Vulture]

2. News is slowly leaking about Paul Thomas Anderson‘s adaptation of Thomas Pynchon‘s “Inherent Vice.” We know that Joaquin Phoenix is starring as Doc Sportello (taking over the role from Robert Downey Jr.), the stoned prive eye, and now we get word that Benicio del Toro is closing a deal to take a supporting role, reportedly as “an attorney who’s always trying to help the protagonist out of trouble, though he’s not an actual criminal lawyer.” The production is reportedly already filming, so expect more news to emerge soon. [The Wrap]

3. In news you already knew but were just waiting to hear confirmed: Steve Carrell, who played the role of Michael Scott, the boss of Scranton, Pennsylvania paper company Dundler Mifflin in the U.S. version of “The Office” over seven seasons, will return for the series finale later this month. He will reportedly have a cameo role, it will probably be funny, and we’ll all forget this show existed in a year or two. [TV Line]

4. Even though it received two Tony Award nominations, and was single-handily the most interesting show on Broadway this season due to original cast member Shia Labeouf trolling the production, Alec Baldwin-starring “Orphans” will close on May 19th. The show is, essentially, breaking even, but the sales are “trending downward.” The production will have played 27 previews and 37 regular performances. [Artsbeat]

5. Ewen McGregor is next in line to take the villain role in doomed Western “Jane Got a Gun,” after Michael Fassbender, Jude Law, and Bradley Cooper took and then gave up the role in quick succession. All this in addition to original director Lynne Ramsay quitting the production by simply not showing up for its first day. Reportedly, the film is already halfway through production, with director Gavin O’Connor replacing Ramsay. So, how long will it be before McGregor drops out? [Deadline]

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