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In Five: Julianne Moore’s “Maps to the Stars,” Brian Eno’s Hospital Music, and More Culture News

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1. Julianne Moore has joined John Cusack and the previously attached Robert Pattinson for David Cronenberg‘s upcoming “Maps to the Stars,” a “ghost story that’s described as a scathing attack on celebrity-obsessed LA,” written by Bruce Wagner. Moore replaces Rachel Weisz, who was originally attached to the film but dropped out for undisclosed reasons. Pattinson, who previously worked with Cronenberg on last year’s excellent Don DeLillo adaptation “Cosmopolis,” will next appear in “The Rover,” directed by David Michod (“Animal Kingdom), while Cronenberg will take a supporting acting role in Luca Guadagnino‘s adaptation of DeLillo’s “Body Artist.” [Deadline]

2. Ambient music pioneer Brian Eno has been tapped to create sonic compositions intended to calm patients at hospitals. “Launched this week at Montefiore Hospital in Hove, East Sussex, England, Eno’s light and sound installations are intended to help improve the health of patients,” reports the Independent. The hospital is featuring two pieces by Eno, “77 Million Paintings for Montefiore,” which uses Eno’s “generative music” system, and “Quiet Room for Montefiore,” a fixed soundtrack. According to a spokesperson, Eno hopes to make more “hospital healing zones.” [Pitchfork]

3. George Lopez, the former late night talk show host and sitcom star, landed a “Charlie Sheen” deal at FX. His new show, “Saint George,” will get a ten-episode order from the network with, and depending on the ratings, an additional ninety episode order. “Anger Management,” Charlie Sheen‘s show on the network, got the same deal, even though its ratings soon dropped significantly from what they started at. [Hollywood Reporter]

4. Writer/director Neil LaBute, whose new film, “Some Velvet Morning,” is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival this week, is developing a television show for DirecTV. The network signed up for a ten-episode order of “Full Circle,” which is being described as an intimate drama “that will center on two characters meeting in a restaurant, with one carry over to the next episode each time out.” It’s also being reported that show has a total budget of $1 million, which means this thing will be stripped down and probably better for it. Count us excited. [Indiewire]

5. “The world used to be silent, now it has too many voices and the noise is a constant distraction.” Watch the video for “Shut Up,” a new song from much-hyped London-postpunk band Savages. The video features a flickering live performance from the group, and the song if off their upcoming debut album, “Silence Yourself,” out May 7 on Pop Noire/Matador. [Stereogum]

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