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Must Watch: People Dance to Toro y Moi in the Video for “Never Matter”

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By Bryan Hood | Somehow we missed it when it came out earlier this week, but there’s a new Toro y Moi video out. This one is for “Never Matter,” another single off the former-chillwaver’s third album, the pretty great “Anything in Return.” The video, directed by Steve Daniels, leaves behind the surreal J.Crew-vibe of the “So Many Details” and “Say That” clips (both off the same album), instead going for a straight forward, if a tad whimsical, look at a swap meet. It’s there that a short-haired, jean jacket-wearing girl has set up a video camera, and proceeds to film the event’s attendees — the ones she can sway to put on some headphones, at least — dancing to “Never Matter.” Some of the bargain hunters take her up on her offer, dancing in a variety of wonderful-to-watch ways, while others stare on blankly. It’s strange for sure, especially since Toro y Moi front man Chaz Budnick, the focus of the other clips, is all but absent. Or so it seems! Because in the video’s final 25 stalker-y seconds we finally get a glimpse of him. Anyway, watch below, we think you’ll enjoy yourself.

Image: “Never Matter”/YouTube

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