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Shia LaBeouf is Trolling The Cast of “Orphans”

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By Craig Hubert | What is the equivalent of Internet trolling in real life? That’s what Shia LaBeouf is doing right now, and it’s working. The actor, who, you may remember, was fired from the Broadway production of “Orphans” last month after erratic behavior during rehearsals and confrontations with director Daniel Sullivan and co-star Alec Baldwin, decided to drop in for a surprise visit on his former co-workers during the first night of previews. But LaBeouf didn’t just bring flowers and tell the cast to “break a leg” — the actor bought a ticket for a seat in the front row, directly in view of the cast. “At one point in midperformance,” reports the New York Times, “Mr. Baldwin noticed Mr. LaBeouf and fixed on him for a beat; it was unclear if he was surprised to see him there.” LaBeouf reportedly cheered very loudly at the end of the show, before bolting out the door of the theater. If that wasn’t enough, the actor has been spending the day sending out tweets linking to all the new outlets reporting on his bizarre appearance at the performance last night. Is it only us, or is the Shia LaBeouf Show more interesting than “Orphans”? Our only advice to the actor is that he needs to watch out — we all know Baldwin packs a pretty serious left hook.

Image: Shia LaBeouf/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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