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Last Night: Mac DeMarco at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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By Craig Hubert | Mac DeMarco rolled into the Music Hall of Williamsburg last night looking like he just rolled out of bed, his mop of hair sticking up in multiple directions. The music was anything but sleepy, though — DeMarco was amplified, jumping up and down, taunting the crowd with an imitation of Michael Keaton in “Beatlejuice,” and smiling from ear to ear. DeMarco’s band is tighter than they need to be, giving the songs an extra anthemic quality not present on the record. The band tore through a good selection of songs, including “Annie,” Ode to Viceroy,” and a particular great version “Still Together” dedicated to his girlfriend sitting in the balcony (whom he eventually convinced to come out on stage). But everyone knows the songs are great. Part of seeing DeMarco are the things in between — banter about being dropped while stage diving, impromptu covers of “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkiet and “Blackbird” by the Beatles, and requesting fans throw money and cigarettes on stage (which they did). DeMarco welcomed the sold out crowd to his twisted rock ‘n’ roll night club and, by the end, nobody wanted to leave.

Image: Courtesy of Robert Hubert

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