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Thurston Moore Will Totally Play Your Birthday Party

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By Craig Hubert | Following the (possible) demise of Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore didn’t just sit around and bask in his legacy — he got back up and started a new band. Chelsea Morning Light, his new project, features Keith Wood (guitar), Samara Lubelski (bass) and John Moloney (drums), and they have a new self-titled album set to be released March 5th via Matador Records. The official press release highlighted the new album and upcoming tour, as well as including this promising, albeit strange, nuggest at the end: “The band is ready to detonate any birthday party, wedding or hullaboo in any country, planet or stratosphere that doesn’t support right wing extremist NRA sucking bozo-ology.”

Was it true? Was Thurston Moore willing to play birthday party? The music blog Brooklyn Vegan asked the same question aloud, which caused the typically rawkus comments section of the site to run rampant with suggestions and pitches for parties and places Moore should play. It all seemed like a joke, of course, until Moore joined in:

“i’m in London now – but i’m heading to east coast USA feb 16 — gonna conspire with the band and matador and figure out where to do this — i’m thinking sick house basement birthday party — gonna see about inviting some heavy peeps like alice cooper, negative approach, savages (from france!), trash kit (from uk!), ZZZs (from japan!) — or at least some local, wherever that may be, killer krusherzzzz!!! insanity approaches!!!!!”

Alice Cooper! Scuzzy hardcore bands from the 1980’s! Most people thought it was a fake until Matador Records confirmed it was definitely Moore letting loose in the comments section. No way this is not going to end in disaster, even though we fully support the idea. And Thurston, if you’re reading this, we have an apartment ready to go.

Image: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

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