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In Five: “The Heiress” Hits Broadway High, Philip Glass’ “The Perfect American” Premieres in Madrid, and More Culture News

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1. Jessica Chastain’s win at the Golden Globes for “Zero Dark Thirty” has spiked ticket sales for the actress’s current role in the Broadway production of “The Heiress.” The show reportedly earned $673,973 in the last week, “a 11 percent gain from the previous week and 71 percent of the potential earnings for the Walter Kerr Theatre.” The show announced it should recoup its investment heading into its final week on Broadway. [EW]

2. “The Perfect American,” Philip Glass’ opera about Walt Disney, will have its world premiere in Madrid broadcast live online this Wednesday. “The Perfect American” is based on the novel by Peter Jungk, which “recounts the final days of Disney’s life and includes appearances by members of Disney’s family and close associates.” The opera will next be seen at the English National Opera in June, and no other dates have been announced. [LA Times]

3. “Pitch Perfect” director Jason Moore is in talks to direct “The Nest,” a comedy set to star Tina Fey. The script, written by “Saturday Night Live” writer Paula Pell, centers on “two thirtysomething sisters come home to find their parents’ house has been put up for sale. They spend a last wild weekend together, bonding and feuding and finally growing up.” How will they fit Amy Poehler into this? [Deadline]

4. Joseph Mitchell, one of the most celebrated writers ever to publish in The New Yorker, will return to the pages of the magazine this month with a never-before-published piece titled “Street Life.” Thomas Kunkel, Mitchell’s biographer who has access to the writer’s papers, discovered the piece, which is reportedly one of three excerpts from an uncompleted memoir. [Artsbeat]

5. It’s been a long time, but NBC’s “Community” is finally returning to television this month and we have a trailer to prove it. This will be the first season post-Dan Harmon, so the stakes are high. Will it make it past this run of episodes? Watch the trailer below. [Huffington Post]

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