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Must Watch: Gasper Noé’s Electrifying Animal Collective Video

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By Bryan Hood | It’s not even February and already we have a second music video to marvel at from visionary filmmaker Gaspar Noé, this one for the Animal Collective song “Applesauce.” Just like his clip for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds‘ “We No Who UR”, it’s a simple uncut shot, this time of a woman’s mouth as she eats a fruit (which, based on the song’s first lyric, we’re going to say is a mango). That’s it. For five and a half minutes we watch the woman’s shadow cloaked face as she consumes the entirety of the fruit, never once wiping away the juices that run down her chin, while colors flash violently in the background (the closest thing to a nod to the director’s earlier work, specifically the credits to “Enter the Void”). It’s a stark clip, not what you’d expect from an auteur so closely associated with visual pyrotechnics, but it’s incredibly effective, in that, unlike many other music videos, you can’t help but pay attention to the “Centipede Hz” cut it accompanies. Most important, the visuals really stick in your mind. We feel confident that this will be one of the most memorable music videos you watch this year.

Image: “Appleasauce”/YouTube

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