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Must Watch: The Creepy Gaspar Noé-Directed Video for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ “We No Who UR”

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By Bryan Hood | The other week we wrote about Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ fantastic meditation on Internet speak, “We No Who U R.” Now the track, the lead single off the group’s 14th album, “Push the Sky Away,” has a video from visionary French-by-way-of-Argentina director Gaspar Noé. The director of the shocking “Irréversible” and sensory-overload that was “Enter the Void” seems to have pulled back on his more outlandish instincts for the clip, which consists of one long shot of a shadowy figure walking through the woods at night. That’s all it is: four minutes of footage of a void-like figure stumbling through the woods. What might be more interesting though, despite it’s complete departure from the auteur’s normal visual pyrotechnics, is the fact that the video is nearly unwatchable on a computer screen. Seriously, just try watching without becoming distracted by your own reflection in the darkness that fills the screen. But don’t let that keep you away – just like the song that soundtracks it, there’s something about the video that sticks with you.

Image: “We No Who U R”/YouTube

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