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Academy Members Can’t Figure Out How to Vote For The Oscars Online

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By Craig Hubert | Voting for the Oscars ends next week, and the Academy’s introduction of online voting has left many members struggling to cast their ballots. Members have described the virtual voting a “disaster,” with never-ending problems logging into the site. “It’s easier to break into the CIA,” one member told the Hollywood Reporter. Now Academy members are asking to extend the deadline for voting to make sure everyone has a chance to vote and is not left out of the process because of virtual problems. To their credit, the Academy has attempted to solve the problems, even offering members the chance to continue to vote via a paper ballot, even extending the deadline to request a paper ballot. But they’re also blaming the problems less on their complicated online system and more on the members themselves: an Academy spokesperson said the complaints have stemmed from members “forgetting or misusing passwords.” If you needed a joke about the geriatric, behind-the-times Academy Awards, there it is.

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