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In Tune: Dent May Joyfully Embraces the End of the World on “2099”

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By Bryan Hood | TUNE: Who says we need to fear the end of the world? Why not go out with a party where you listen to “2099”on repeat? Greet the end times with open arms while dancing to an overstuffed pop jam, which features an ecstatic saxophone.
BY: Oxford, Mississippi resident and fun-loving pop aficionado Dent May.
CURRENTLY: We’re not sure if May is working on a follow up to this year’s “Do Things,” but considering that some people, including schools in Michigan, seemed to think the world was going to end today, seems like as good a time as any to release this song.

2099 by Dent May

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  1. Martin Smith says:

    there are some really hilariously funny things about this maya apocalypse. This site:

    sells “Survivor” T-Shirts for all Doomsday survivors :-)

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