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Tim Burton’s Surreal Video for the Killers’ “Here With Me”

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By Bryan Hood | The Killers latest single, “Here With Me,” is out and it’s accompanied by a shiny video from once-beloved director Tim Burton. How is the clip for the Meat Loaf-esque ballad about wanting to hang out with someone you love, rather than just have them exist on your cellphone? Well, it’s shares a lot more with late-era Burton than the more esoteric stuff that littered the early part of his career. Mainly it consists of an awkwardly coifed British kid, played by Craig Roberts, staring at his Number One Crush, a mannequin who bares a striking resemblance to Winona Ryder. From there, the mannequin comes to life, starts appearing everywhere the boy is, and then finally, when he gets to be with her, the mannequin of his dreams, it is revealed that…they are both candles? Didn’t see that one coming, did you? It’s all quite “surreal,” but not as surreal as Brendan Flowers & Co. doing their best Phantom of the Opera impersonation. Anyway, watch below, then go and find Richard Ayoade’s 2010 film “Submarine,” the film that helped launch Roberts career, and seemingly got him the roll in this video (it’s quite good). Then after that, think about the fact that The Killers first album, “Hot Fuss,” came out eight years ago. Weird, right? Definitely weird.

Image: “Here With Me”/YouTube

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