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Earl Sweatshirt Announces “Doris,” Releases “Chum” Video

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By Bryan Hood | Though it may not seem like it, we do actually get excited about upcoming rap albums. For instance Earl Sweatshirt’s just announced first album, which he tweeted will be called “Doris”? Can’t wait. The rapper, who’s long has been referred to, deservedly so, as Odd Future’s most talented number (and regardless of your feelings of les enfants terrible, that is a compliment), will release the record some time in the hopefully not so far off future on Tan Cressida/Columbia Records. The follow-up to his first mixtape, “Earl,” and the year spent in Samoa and an at-risk boys school, will feature the already released single “Chum.” Coinciding with the record’s announcement is the black-and-white video for the aforementioned track. The Hiro Murai-directed clip, features Earl floating around a parking lot, hanging upside down, and three gargantuan toads. All in all, it’s a pretty spot on visual representation of the sparse, but affecting track about the rapper’s relationship with his father and his difficulty dealing with Internet fame. Somber as it may be, it’s great to get anything new from Earl, and just one more reason to look forward to “Doris.”

Image: “Chum”/YouTube

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