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Happy Birthday to Jay-Z, The Yves Klein of Rap

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By Craig Hubert | This has been a big year for Jay-Z – he had his first child, Blue Ivy, with his wife Beyonce Knowles, and watched the Brooklyn Nets, who he owns a minority stake of, debut on the basketball court. Today he turns 43, which is kind of astounding. In the last decade he’s retired, come out of retirement, wrote a book, started a few clubs and restaurants, and released more than a few hit records in between. The dude doesn’t stop. But the most fascinating thing about the man, which many are completely unaware of, is that he has his own color. Yes, you read that right. “Jay-Z Blue,” as it’s officially called, is a “reflective, silvery medium-blue color with a dash of platinum dust.” Apparently, the platinum was the rapper’s idea. “I’m known for platinum,” he told the designer, Adrian Van Anz. The color was originally going to be used for a line of personally-designed Jeeps before the deal fell through, and the only photo evidence we can find of “Jay-Z Blue” is this image at a GMC trade show, which used it for a special edition Denali. It’s worth noting that, even though he may be the only rapper to successfully create his own color, he’s not the only one to attempt it. Cam’ron, after getting upset that he failed to trademark his own shade of pink before the fashion world took it as its own, was reportedly in the process of creating his own shade of purple. “I’m working with some scientists,” the rapper told MTV News back in 2004. No word on how far those scientists got.

So happy birthday to the Yves Klein of rap. Blast “December 4th” on this special day, below:

Image: Jay-Z/Jewel Samad/Getty Images

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