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Season 2 of “Girls” Will Deal With That Crucial Period Between Ages 24 and 25

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By Craig Hubert | In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, who deemed her one of their “Entertainers of the Year,” Lena Dunham dropped some details about the upcoming second season of “Girls,” which premieres on HBO in January: “We’re really trying to push these characters forward and look at the differences between being 24 years old and 25 years old.” In our experience, the only difference between those two crucial years in your twenties is realizing you can’t survive on one-dollar slices of pizza for the rest of your life. We imagine, though, Dunham has something different in mind – maybe an episode about how to spend all that book advance money? Will there be a subplot about the difficulties of moving from your parents Manhattan apartment to a brownstone in Brooklyn Heights? How about an episode where Hannah has to deal with the trauma of a man jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge ruining her photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz? We may have to wait for the third season for these questions to be answered.

Image: Lena Dunham/Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

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  1. marie says:

    yeahhhh.. saw two episodes of this show and then was happy that i wasn’t wasting cash on an HBO subscription. Like Gallery Girls, these “women” are unrelatable and if they are “real” characters then I am an happy that not I nor my friends resemble them in any way. no self-respect, no morals, no pride, selfish spoiled NYU brats.

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