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DeNiro Back Together with Pacino and Scorsese for Teamster Crime Thriller

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By Craig Hubert | Who says Robert DeNiro hasn’t done anything substantial in years? In addition to his sure-to-be-nominated role as a Philadelphia Eagles-obsessed father in David O. Russell’s “Silver Linings Playbook,” the actor has reignited rumors about “I Heard You Paint Houses,” the long-awaited reteaming with director Martin Scorsese. “Houses,” which concerns Frank Sheeran, a high-ranking officer with the Teamsters who sidelined as a hitman and allegedly killed Jimmy Hoffa, is still very much alive, DeNiro told the Guardian. He also dropped a curious, previously unmentioned tidbit – Al Pacino will play the role of Jimmy Hoffa. Now, the gimmick of DeNiro and Pacino sharing the screen isn’t as exciting as it was a few years ago – the two starred in Michael Mann’s classic “Heat,” following it up a few years later with the disastrous “Righteous Kill” – but the idea that both of them will be collaborating on a crime film directed by Martin Scorsese is something else entirely.

Unfortunately, before this happens, DeNiro has a slate of films that sound, frankly, like a joke: the old-guys-on-a-bender “Last Vegas,” the old-guys hit the boxing ring for one more fight comedy “Grudge Match,” co-starring Sly Stallone, and the ensemble romantic comedy “The Big Wedding,” co-starring Robin Williams as a priest. Meanwhile, Scorsese is currently filming “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which, among many other things, reportedly contains a scene featuring a “midget-throwing” contest, and mulling a possible concert film with Garth Brooks — so this new film may be beneficial to the both of them.

Image: Robert DeNiro/Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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