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Get Ready to See a Lot of Philip K. Dick on Screen

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By Craig Hubert | The futuristic visions of legendary sci-fi author Philip K. Dick will be returning to the screen, as Electric Shepherd Productions, the production arm of writer’s estate managed by his two daughters, has struck a deal to license many of his books – including “The Man In the High Castle,” “Now Wait for Last Year,” “King of the Elves” and “Electric Ant” – for film and television. One of his most beloved books, “Ubik,” is already in production, with director Michel Gondry (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”) attached to direct. Dick actually wrote a script for “Ubik,” in 1974, which was never produced. It makes sense for producers to dig into Dick’s vast body of work, as the work that has been adapted has been, for the most part, successful. “Blade Runner,” “Total Recall,” and “Minority Report” are all based (some more loosly than others) on Dick’s stories and, according to the Hollywood Reporter, are estimated to have grossed over $1 billion worldwide — but yeah, there was also this, and this, and this. So maybe it’s a good idea that somebody, as his daughters announced in a statement, “will strive to bring the highest level of integrity to each project.”

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