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Quoted: Judd Apatow Can Only Laugh at His Long, Bizarre Life

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“That’s why there are no villains in any of my movies, because I just think that life is already so weird. The whole set-up of life doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m going to live for a while, and I’ll look good for a while, then I’ll really look good, and then it’s going to slowly fall apart. Year by year, I’m just going to cave in, then all my friends are just going to start dropping like flies, and hopefully I’m not one of them that drops first, and I’ll last as long as I can last and hopefully I won’t lose my mind and my memory while my kids have to take care of me. It’s so tragic and bizarre and also wonderful at the same time that I don’t know what to do except laugh at it.” — Judd Apatow, describing his life philosophy and how it influences his films, including the soon to be released “This is 40.” [Film Comment]

Image: Judd Apatow/Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

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