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In Five: Mila Kunis Producing 70s Woman’s Lib Drama, Broadway Takes a $8.5 Million Hit During Hurricane Sandy, and More Culture News

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1. Mila Kunis is producing “Meridian Hills,” a 1970s-set woman’s lib drama which takes place “in a boozy Midwest country club,” for the CW. [EW]

2. Broadway, which, like much of New York, was forced to shut down during Hurricane Sandy, took an estimated $8.5 million box office hit. [Artsbeat]

3. Jared Leto, taking a break from his laughable music career and making documentaries about himself, has been cast alongside Matthew McConaughey in AIDS drama “Dallas Buyer’s Club.” [Vulture]

4. Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody has moved from film, to cable, and now to network television, selling “Alex & Amy,” a romantic comedy sitcom, to ABC. [Deadline]

5. Watch the twitchy and futuristic video for NYC beatmaker FaltyDL‘s “Straight & Arrow.” [Youtube]

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Image: Mila Kunis/Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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