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NYC Artists Still Dealing With the Damage of Sandy

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By Craig Hubert | While many New Yorkers have resumed their normal work schedules, there are still those who continue to deal with the ramifications of Hurricane Sandy. We’ve reported on the damage in Chelsea and at music venues around the city, but others are still suffering, attempting to deal with the damage with limited resources at their disposal. It will take a long time before everything is back to normal, if ever.

Norton Records is one such case. The record label, founded in 1986, specializes in reissues of forgotten gems from the underbelly of rock-n-roll, along with scores of new bands that don’t have a place in the commercial record industry or the Pitchfork-dominated indie music world. Norton also publishes paperbacks under the name Kicks Books, with the same dedication and focus. They’re currently working around the clock to salvage what they can from their warehouse in Red Hook, which was flooded during the storm, resulting in the loss of most of their inventory. Thankfully, a few upcoming releases had yet to make it to the warehouse, meaning they’ll reach stores and customers who ordered them on time. Regardless, the company needs all the help it can get. We reached out to the people at Norton this morning and, while they are understandably busy, they emailed us back some information on how you can pitch in:

“We need people to come to 279 Sterling Place #3E (corner of Vanderbilt) to help clean records. 2 or 3 train to Grand Army Plaza or B or Q train to 7th Avenue. Phone number is 718-789-4438 or 917 671 7884. Any day or time after 11AM. We still need help through next week. Please answer by phone or e-mail (put VOLUNTEER as the subject) only. No text or Facebook replies please.”

If you live in the area, this is a great way to help local artists survive after the tragic events of Sandy. But other, more historic, groups may have lost work forever. The New York Times reported this morning that the Martha Graham Dance Company, located in the West Village, suffered considerable damage to costumes and sets stored in their basement. These include works designed by Isamu Noguchi, the famous artist and architect, including work he built himself. Noguchi was a frequent collaborator of Graham, and these pieces are invaluable to the history of dance. No word yet on how the public may be able to help, but it is being reported that the Graham Company is reaching out to companies with Martha Graham works in their repertory programs to help assemble the destroyed sets for their upcoming season.

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