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Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling is Writing and Directing a Movie

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By Craig Hubert | Ryan Gosling, internet meme heartthrob and protector of our streets, is another in a long line of actors who desire to step behind the camera. Some, like George Clooney, have managed to make the transition unscathed, while others would have been better off forming a vanity blues band instead. Gosling will make his directorial debut with “How to Catch a Monster,” which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, “weaves elements of fantasy noir with suspense to create a modern fairy tale set against the surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city.” Gosling also wrote the script, which tells the story of “Billy, a single mother of two who is swept into a macabre underworld, while her teenage son discovers a secret road leading to a underwater town.” Christina Hendricks, of “Mad Men” fame, will star, with filming set to begin next spring. It’s hard to read much into the film from the short description, but based on the directors Gosling has worked with and the visual aesthetic of his whimsical, ghost-obsessed indie-rock group Dead Man’s Bones (for a hint of what may be to come, see the Gosling co-directed video below), consider us intrigued.

Image: Ryan Gosling/Francois Durand/Getty Images

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