Davidoff to Display, Sell Fausto Ortiz in Basel

Fausto Ortiz. Infinite II Exodus series. 2014 Edition 1/3 © Oettinger Davidoff AG

Fausto Ortiz. Infinite II Exodus series. 2014 Edition 1/3 © Oettinger Davidoff AG

Dominican artist Fausto Ortiz has been selected by the Davidoff Art Initiative to be the inaugural artist featured in the cigar brand’s Art in Lounges program at Art Basel, which runs from June 16-19.

Ortiz, 46, will see his work — experimental photography that aims to search for new expressive codes — displayed in Davidoff’s lounge at the annual art fair in Switzerland. For a limited time, his pieces will also be available for purchase in the lounge, with proceeds from the sales to be shared among the exhibiting artists.

Davidoff’s Art in Lounges series bolsters the firm’s long-term commitment to bring greater international visibility to art and artists of the Caribbean region, as much of its production and many of its employees are based in the Dominican Republic.

It complements other initiatives such as the Davidoff Art Initiative’s Residencies, Grants, Dialogues, and Limited Art Editions, and uses Davidoff lounges worldwide as temporary galleries, giving already-discerning art collectors and fair visitors to appreciate and purchase contemporary Caribbean art.

“Art is the only democratic space for us as humans to discern and craft our ideas, regardless of socioeconomic level or political beliefs. It is the perfect platform to express your feelings towards certain situations that affect you deeply. Photography is the key that opens the door to that space and allows me to engage in a dialogue with my environment to express my point of view,” said Ortiz of his work, adding that his oeuvre is the “result of living in and surviving a Caribbean context, where changes and geographical mobility are the norm.”

— Michelle Tay