Ryan McGinness Wraps Longchamp Store in his Art

The Longchamp store in Paris (Courtesy Longchamp)

The Longchamp store in Paris (Courtesy Longchamp)

French accessories brand has teamed up with American artist Ryan McGinness to renovate its historic flagship on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, and front it with his artwork, Mindscapes.

The colorful facade, which towers over its neighbors just a stone’s throw away from the Place de la Concorde, features details from a variety of McGinness’ paintings, divided into panels with strong black borders.

“Many of [them] refer to dreamlike images. I use fluorescents, pearlescents, varying textures and finishes in order to intensify their impact,” explains McGinness, who is based in New York.

Longchamp’s CEO Jean Cassegrain says the magnitude of the renovation of the store necessitated going beyond putting up a simple tarp or generic scaffolding.

“Our brand is all about the unexpected, and this completely unconventional and innovative project is a perfect example. I met Ryan 10 years ago in New York and I’ve been following his work ever since. His work has an energy to it that is in harmony with this prestigious corner location,” he adds. “Our retail area will be significantly expanded thanks to these renovations, marking a new phase in our development. This partnership, which brings together a contemporary artist and a building classified as a historical monument, clearly highlight how much Longchamp values creativity and artistry.”

McGinness’ work has featured subjects ranging from logos and symbols, to family crests, coats of arms, fairy tales and even plant life, all of which he uses to build dense networks of brightly colored and fantastical imagery.

The artist has also in the past collaborated with other brands including cognac brand Hennessy, tech accessory brand Incase, and Brooklyn printing house Coeur Noir.

— Michelle Tay