Hugo Boss Highlights Artist Brian Souser

The Hugo Boss Meatpacking District store carries more than just sleek clothing — its windows regularly feature imaginative displays by artists like Béatrice Coron and Brad Fisher. And now, through February 12, the store will feature the work of ARTINFO’s very own Brian Souser.

The installation includes 20 so-called “homes” — pairings of seemingly incongruous concrete and neon — arranged both in the windows and throughout the store to evoke images of cookie-cutter housing developments. The pieces relate to Souser’s Pennsylvania childhood and his hometown’s changing face. “What I walked through, once rolled through, in the grass and dirt became pavement and tract homes,” the artist said. “But I don’t feel dismay. In fact, the transition is quite alluring.”

To see it for yourself, visit Hugo Boss, 401 West 14th Street, New York.

–Heather Corcoran

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Images Courtesy of Hugo Boss