Flare Factor: Seafarer’s Imminent Return to Fashion

Seafarer, the original Navy supply company turned iconic ’60s and ’70s denim brand, is gearing up for a full-fledged re-launch in early 2013. If its investors have anything to say about it, bell-bottoms will be sashaying back à la mode in no time.

Seafarer is being positioned as a luxury, contemporary label, eschewing the run-of-the-mill jean business for something a bit higher end. “We are not talking about jeans, but about trousers made in denim,” group CEO Massimiliano Tabacchi told WWD. This is an interesting line of reasoning, because pants are pants and denim is denim and usually the two together equal jeans, but we’ll give Tabacchi the benefit of the doubt. Prices will range between $237 and $316, and the company plans to launch officially at Paris’ famed Colette over this upcoming couture week, which is smart, considering the original French “it” girl Brigitte Bardot popularized the Seafarer bell-bottoms way back when.

–Nicholas Remsen

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Image Courtesy of Seafarer.