Kenzo Predicts a Very Fashionable Future

With the impending Mayan apocalypse supposedly just days away, it’s easy to feel a little more mystical than usual. Which may explain why Kenzo has created a new tarot deck that’s sure to cause visions of a very fashionable future.

To update the ancient Major Arcana (basically the tarot version of face cards), the brand called upon British artist Michael Willis, who blended traditional tarot iconography with the graphic style of “60s psych-pop cinema” films like Michelangelo Antonioni’s cult classic “Blow-Up.” The result is a deck full of cheeky graphics rendered in Ben-Day dots and Kenzo’s signature color palette of greens, blues, reds, and yellows — with the label’s latest Jean-Paul Goude campaign on the back.

Don’t worry, though, if the meaning of your reading takes a moment to divine. “Each card is full of narrative,” Willis told ARTINFO via email. “I like the idea that the cards have their own story that needs to be decoded.”

The limited-edition decks, which include directions and explanations of each of the cards in English and French (should you channel any spirits en Française), are available exclusively online.

–Heather Corcoran

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Images Courtesy of Kenzo