Andre Saraiva Unveils Latest “Love Graffiti” in Miami

Last night on the outskirts of Miami’s Design District, Andre Saraiva (in partnership with local real estate maestro Craig Robins) unveiled the newest additions to his “Love Graffiti” series.

Saraiva, known mainly as the man behind the famed Le Baron nightclub circuit, has slowly gained traction with his love-struck street art. For Art Basel this year, he took an interesting (and surely entertaining, and perhaps salacious) approach – calling on his social media followers to submit names and stories regarding their respective loved ones, from which he’d select a winner based on whoever tugged most at his heartstrings. “LOLA” was the victor, and “HENRIETTA,” pictured here, is the name of Saraiva’s daughter.

Blocky, bright, and bristling with that oh-so-French-pop vibe inherent in all things Baron, the pieces span massive facades and are virtually impossible to miss. While Saraiva’s work is not by any means technically challenging or high concept, it doesn’t matter – the message is sweet and his subsequent events are always among the hottest wristbands in town. Thus, as the Miami sky dimmed, the block party thumped into the night – lubricated by Absolut and headlined by local favorites the Jacuzzi Boys. Moreover, Saraiva’s Le Baron pop-up – which has been venue-hopping nightly this week – was just down the street to keep the good vibes rolling.

–Nicholas Remsen

Correction: An earlier version of this post misidentified “HENRIETTA” as the winner of the contest.