What They’re Saying About Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington

Grace Coddington, the fiery-haired, outspoken Vogue creative director who won hearts over in R.J. Cutler’s 2009 documentary “The September Issue,” debuts her highly-anticipated memoir, “Grace,” this week. Naturally, the media has been all over the stylist lately, making her the focus of profiles and her book the subject of several reviews. Below is a round-up of what the press has been saying about Coddington:

“Sticking up for kooky clothes, like a sweater appliquéd with pink ‘jazz hands'; arguing against airbrushing a cameraman’s protruding stomach; talking back to Ms. Wintour in a way few seem to dare, she emerged as a standard-bearer of aesthetic integrity in an increasingly fickle industry, not to mention an ardent opponent of celebrity culture.” [New York Times]

“Her clear passion for her job, and willingness to fight for what she believed even if it meant facing down her boss, Anna Wintour; her belief that fashion was art’s avatar in the real world; and her love of creation over commerce all combined to elevate Coddington from behind-the-scenes player to fashion folk hero.” [Financial Times]

“She likes to keep a low profile.” [The Telegraph]

“She has a brilliant eye for editorial invention; and she’s the bohemian big-haired yang to her boss’ impeccably tailored bangs-and-bob yin.” [Entertainment Weekly]

–Ann Binlot

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Image: Grace Coddington/Neil Rasmus/BFAnyc.com