Globetrotting Fashion Blogger Bryanboy to Settle in L.A. After Securing Role on “America’s Next Top Model”


Bryanboy, the Filipino blogging sensation and runway staple at fashion weeks the world over, is making the leap from laptop screen to television screen. WWD reports that the writing Marc Jacobs muse will be joining the cast of “America’s Next Top Model” for its 19th season. The job will require him to give up his non-stop travel for at least the time being and settle in Los Angeles.

Born Bryan Grey Yambao, BryanBoy transformed himself from a blogger gushing over fashion shows that would never come near his home, in the Philippines, to a front row seat mate of Anna Wintour. His wardrobe makes him pretty hard to miss. He wears enough fur to keep PETA busy for years and rocks bug-eyed sunglasses like he’s a hungover Olsen twin in 2006.

And while he’s fairly well known in fashion circles, the role on “America’s Next Top Model” will no doubt increase his status. And, given his knack for self-promotion, he’ll milk this exposure for all it’s worth. And he’ll be Hollywood-ready, too: he announced on Twitter yesterday that, to prepare for the role, he’ll be getting a nose job.

Start practicing your smize, Bryanboy.

—Nate Freeman