Hackers Infiltrate Opening Ceremony’s Online Boutique, Compromise Security

We recently got hold of a piece of mail bearing bad news from the edgy boundary-pushing boutique Opening Ceremony stating that “a hacker placed malicious software on our website.”

The letter — dated May 4 and signed by Carol Lim, CEO and co-founder of the company — says that the incident in question presumably took place on February 16. While the company took security precautions and removed the questionable software after the breach was discovered on March 21, it was more than enough time for the criminals to extract customers’ private information.

“Unfortunately, the hacker may have accessed the names, addresses, and credit card information of customers who purchased an item on our website during this period,” reads part of the letter.

Opening Ceremony is currently working with data breach prevention and response specialist ID Experts to field questions and concerns from customers who may have been affected. ID Experts can be contacted at 866-660-8617.

Whoever targeted the Opening Ceremony Web site made an thoughtful decision — anybody who can afford the pricey items from labels like Kenzo, Alexander Wang, Rodarte, and the company’s eponymous brand most than likely has a high credit limit.

See the full letter here.

-Ann Binlot