Mariano Pensotti: Writing as Performance Art

On August 28-30, at Preseren Square in Ljubljana, The Secret History of Art will be one of four writers appearing in a performance art piece entitled “Sometimes I Think, I Can See You” by Argentine director and artist Mariano Pensotti.  It is part of the Mladi Levi (Young Lions) annual festival of contemporary art and dance in Ljubljana, run by Bunker.

The piece, which has been performed in numerous world cities, features four writers seated somewhere in a large, busy public space (often train stations).  Each has a laptop linked to a giant screen, which projects the words that they write.  The writers can write anything they like, live, for three hours per day, but it must be inspired by or about the people they see passing before them.  In this way the passers-by become part of the writing and, through it, part of the performance.  If you’d like to attend and will be in Ljubljana those days, come to Preseren Square in the city center between 11am and 2pm.  I will be joined by the excellent Slovenian writers Goran Vojnovic, Gabriela Babnik, and Dijana Matkovic.  I will later write about the experience for a magazine.  This will be my first appearance in an art piece, so very excited indeed.

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