App Guide to Museums of Spain

Visiting museums is wonderful but can be intimidating.  What should you see, and what are the best stories behind the must-see masterpieces?  This new iPhone app, written and narrated by The Secret History of Art’s Noah Charney, offers private guided tours to the best works of the best museums of a variety of European cities.  Each app features a detailed, engaging guide to ten selected works in each of the top museums of a city, meaning that you only need this one app–no need to buy multiple guidebooks and catalogues, and you can enjoy the independence of visiting museums on your own, at your own pace, but with expert information from a leading professor of art history.

Museum Time: City Art Guide App

An iPhone/iPad App written and narrated by Noah Charney

Discover the best art to be found in the museums of Madrid, Barcelona and Seville!

Listen to renowned art historian, Professor Noah Charney, share with you the secrets, symbols and stories behind a selection of must-see artworks in top museums throughout these cities.

This is an essential travel accessory for art lovers, a fascinating and fun way to appreciate the art, and get the most out of your museum visits.

Get the app to hear samples and then purchase individual guides for the cities you plan to visit.

This app is free to download and, for a short time, the guide to the museums of Seville is also free.  More city guides will be added in the future.  This is a great “private” guided tour to the best art of these wonderful cities.

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