Interview with Jodi Picoult

The Secret History of Art is editing a series of interviews with fellow authors about the writing life.  The interview series, which will appear every week on The Daily Beast, is called HOW I WRITE.  Interview are based on 19th century Confession Books.

The Confession Book, or Confession Album, was a popular 19th century pastime.  These books contained a set questionnaire to be filled out by friends and visitors, each answering the same set of questions.  The most famous of these is the Proust Questionnaire, which the novelist filled out in 1886, at age 14.  In this series, best-selling author Noah Charney interviews great writers who discuss writing and what inspires them, revealing some secrets along the way.

The first interview of this series was published today, 3 April 2012, and is the lead story on Book Beast, the book page of The Daily Beast magazine.  You can reach the exclusive interview with Jodi Picoult here.

Every week, I will interview a different author, from mega-best-sellers to literary, critically-acclaimed gems, to journalist and publishers.  Those interviewed, or who have accepted interviews, include:

Jodi Picoult, Lisa Sanders, Douglas Preston, Benjamin Wallace, Noah Charney, Javier Sierra, Simon Kuper, AJ Jacobs, Julianna Baggott, Charles Baxter, Peter Straub, Stan Lauryssens, Arthur Phillips, Ann Easter Smith, John Stubbs, Peter Watson, Michael McKinley, Sam Tanenhaus, Graham Masterton, Allan Gurganus, Steve Berry, Alan Shapiro, Jennifer Finney Boylan, Joshua Davis, Chad Harbach, Alex Preston, Alain de Botton. Karin Slaughter, Tracy Chevalier, David Eagleman, Jerry Saltz, Ben Brantley, Paul Sullivan, Geoff Dyer, Peter Aspden, Stephen Greenblatt, Susan Orlean, Michelle Gagnon, Marie Arana, Peter Abraham, Pamela Druckerman, Jonathan Spence, Lev Grossman, Tom Mueller, Ingrid Rowland, Emma Straub, Jayson Stark, Amy Chua, Andre Aciman, Khaled Hosseini, Stephen J. Carter, Andrew O’Hagan, Mary-Kay Wilmers, Will Self, Matthew Pearl, Leah Hager Cohen, Elena Gorokhova, Heidi Julavits, Tom Rob Smith, and Alex Gilvarry.

A lot to look forward to–each new interview will have a link posted here on ArtInfo.  Happy reading, and for all you writers out there, happy writing as well.  -NC

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