Vernon Rapley discusses Art Crime on BBC Radio

Vernon Rapley, the current head of security at the V&A Museum in London and the former head of Scotland Yard’s Arts and Antiques Unit, appeared this week on BBC Radio “Midweek” to discuss art crime.

You can listen to the show here.

Rapley is a friend and colleague and a real hero to art lovers.  Under his tenure as head of the Scotland Yard Arts and Antiques Unit art theft in London dropped so dramatically that his last few years were spent primarily chasing art forgers, as no one dared try to steal anything under his watch.

Next week The Secret History of Art will be on a brief hiatus (resuming April 8), as I will be in London to give a pair of talks with Rapley on art crime.  The announcements for the two talks, one at the V&A Museum on April 2 and one at the Royal Geographic Society on April 5, are available here.

If you will be in London during the first week in April, you are welcome to come along.  I will try to see about getting an audio recording of one or both talks to post on The Secret History of Art.

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