On art crime and art historical mysteries

Bosch, Freud, Jung, Cronuts

Liminal zones or beings occupy the narrow space between two opposites, a bit of both, wholly neither. Twilight is the liminal time between day and night. Venice is a liminal city, between aquatic and… More ›

Fake Art in Museums

The Secret History of Art’s latest feature is in Aeon magazine, on the proliferation of fakes on museum walls–when museums know full well.

young hare Durer

In Tuscany, on the Piero Trail

The Secret History of Art’s latest feature is a travel piece on following the Piero Trail through Tuscany, linking masterpieces by Piero della Francesca, for Artemest magazine.


Inside Book Tours

The Secret History of Art’s latest feature is a look inside the endangered species known as the book tour, published in The Atlantic.

noah signing albertina

Inside the Museum of the Bible

The Secret History of Art’s latest feature is in the Washington Post, on the Green Collection and the forthcoming Museum of the Bible.

dead sea scrolls

Nazi Zombies: a Scholarly Investigation

The Secret History of Art’s latest longread article is a feature in Salon that examines the widespread belief that the Nazis had a research program to reanimate the dead–and why, though… More ›


How To Spot Fake Art

The Secret History of Art’s latest feature for Salon.com is “How To Spot a Fake.” Can you tell the difference between originals and forgeries?


ISIS, Art and Terrorism Funding

My latest article for Salon is on what to do about the now well-known fact that art crime, particularly illicit trade in antiquities, funds terrorism.  Check it out here.


Pablo Picasso: Art Thief

The Secret History of Art recently published a peer-reviewed academic article on the “affaire des statuettes,” in which Pablo Picasso may be reasonably seen to have commissioned the theft… More ›

picasso hands up

2014: the Year Art Theft Went Pop

The following is an excerpt from The Secret History of Art’s regular column in The Journal of Art Crime, the only peer-reviewed academic journal on the interdisciplinary study of art crime.  To… More ›


The Greatest Skier in History

The Secret History of Art recently published an article on Tina Maze, the world’s greatest skier, male or female, who has just begun the latest World Cup ski season.  It ran in The Atlantic… More ›


10 Scariest Stories Ever Written

In honor of Halloween, the Secret History of Art is pleased to present a series of short essays on what I consider the scariest stories ever written.  These come from a project I did last year for… More ›