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Friendship Outs: Giant Gift Of Marin Watercolors Goes To…

Not a museum in Maine, where he painted for much of his last 40 years. Not a museum in New York, the center of the U.S. art world, or in Los Angeles, the west coast hub. Or New Jersey, Marin’s birthplace.


Thelma Golden Adds New Duty To Director’s Role

As if museum directors don’t have enough to do, Thelma Golden — director and chief curator of the Studio Museum in Harlem — has generously decided to be a consultant to artists.


Second-Rate Or “One Of The Greatest Ever”?

The artist in question is about to get an exhibition at the National Gallery (yes, I’m still inspired by goings-on in London) — and he is Veronese. Apparently, when the NG bought Veronese’s The Family of Darius before Alexander (below right) in 1857, it was accused of squandering money on “a second-rate specimen of a second-rate artist.”


Breakthrough: Reversal On Artists’ Resale Rights

Announced late Friday from Rep. Jerry Nadler’s office: (more…)

A Building Named For An Artist, Not A Donor

Here’s a refreshing development: Last week, the School of Art at the California Institute of Arts said that it was naming its new building of artists’ studios for John Baldessari, an artist. not for a major donor.


Will These 100 Artists, Let Alone Works of Art, Define Us?

It takes a lot of nerve, and the willingness to be wrong, incredibly wrong, to write the book that Kelly Grovier published in the U.S. this month (and in September in the U.K.).


What’s The Best Public Sculpture I Know? Easy

Public sculpture is certainly having a moment in the sun – maybe years in the sun.


The Greatest Living Artists, According to Vanity Fair Poll

Yes, it’s another list. Like some of the others, the best ones, this list is likely to provoke thinking, perhaps start a debate — and that’s why I’m calling it to your attention. It’s Vanity 
list of “The Six Greatest Living Artists.” Why six? I do not know.


How To Talk About Francis Bacon

I love the occasional feature in Hyperallergic called “How To Talk About Art.” Today the online magazine takes up Francis Bacon, in honor of the coming sale at Christie’s of Bacon’s Three Studies of Lucian Freud (below), in an amusing piece by Cat Weaver.


Art At The Movies: Next Up, Vermeer And Music

If you missed the Vermeer & Music: The Art of Love and Leisure at the National Gallery in London this summer — it closed on Sept. 8 – you’ll have something of a chance to view it from afar tomorrow. That’s when the latest effort by Exhibition: Great Art On Screen, which I wrote about here, goes up on the silver screen. The film will be in theaters near you Oct. 10, generally at 7:30 (but check the local time).  You can see the theater listing here. Or here, by state.