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“Anonymous” Women, Once Again

It’s that time of year — actually, it’s a little past that time of year — when the Anonymous Was A Woman Foundation makes public the ten female artists who will receive $25,000 no strings attached, just to support them. This is the 19th set of winners  – and I was there at the creation, sort of. So I sometimes like to publicize the winners (which were announced on July 2).


Back To Koons: More Food For Thought

So far, the most thoughtful review I’ve read of the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney is by Thomas Micchelli of Hyperallergic Weekend. It starts well, noting that excepting the vacuum cleaners, “…The rest of the work, however, with few exceptions, reveals itself to be as thin, puerile and derivative as the artist’s harshest critics would expect. But to take Koons’s art to task for the hollowness at its core is shooting fish in a barrel — a truism that leads us nowhere.”


Who Would You Pick To Play Picasso? Plus, Best And Worst Artists’ Films

Most movies about art and artists leave a lot to be desired. We shall see how Picasso is treated in a movie about the making of Guernica, with Antonio Banderas starring as the artist. Banderas, who like Picasso is a Malaga native, said that he “turned down the chance at one point of playing Mr. Pablo, but the time has come in my life where I understand him better, and I am nearly at the age he was when those events happened, in 1937, when he was 55 or 56, and I’m getting close,” according to Fox News Latino. Banderas is 54.


Friendship Outs: Giant Gift Of Marin Watercolors Goes To…

Not a museum in Maine, where he painted for much of his last 40 years. Not a museum in New York, the center of the U.S. art world, or in Los Angeles, the west coast hub. Or New Jersey, Marin’s birthplace.


Thelma Golden Adds New Duty To Director’s Role

As if museum directors don’t have enough to do, Thelma Golden — director and chief curator of the Studio Museum in Harlem — has generously decided to be a consultant to artists.


Second-Rate Or “One Of The Greatest Ever”?

The artist in question is about to get an exhibition at the National Gallery (yes, I’m still inspired by goings-on in London) — and he is Veronese. Apparently, when the NG bought Veronese’s The Family of Darius before Alexander (below right) in 1857, it was accused of squandering money on “a second-rate specimen of a second-rate artist.”


Breakthrough: Reversal On Artists’ Resale Rights

Announced late Friday from Rep. Jerry Nadler’s office: (more…)

A Building Named For An Artist, Not A Donor

Here’s a refreshing development: Last week, the School of Art at the California Institute of Arts said that it was naming its new building of artists’ studios for John Baldessari, an artist. not for a major donor.


Will These 100 Artists, Let Alone Works of Art, Define Us?

It takes a lot of nerve, and the willingness to be wrong, incredibly wrong, to write the book that Kelly Grovier published in the U.S. this month (and in September in the U.K.).


What’s The Best Public Sculpture I Know? Easy

Public sculpture is certainly having a moment in the sun – maybe years in the sun.