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“Artless” In America: Why?

What irony. And what a contradiction. Here we are in an era when paintings and sculpture regularly make national headlines and television newscasts for selling at sky-high prices and, at the same… More ›

The Broad Museum Answers Back

Several days ago, I asked here if any other art museums in the U.S. were spending as much money buying art as the Crystal Bridges Museum. I had added up the announced purchases over the past year or… More ›

Museum Pictures To Warm Your Hearts

In the United States, many museum-goers I know are perturbed by the hordes of school children that sometimes descend on museum galleries, talking loudly, paying no attention to others trying to enjoy… More ›


Something Good To Say About MoMA

You hear so much about museums seeking out young audiences, the audiences of the future. It’s tiresome, actually, and that quest ignores another giant portion of the country’s… More ›

MoMAAlz5_photoJasonBrownrigg-300x200 (1)

The Shocking Cooper Hewitt, Part Two

Aside from the maltreatment of its beautiful historic building, which I wrote about here nearly three weeks ago, something else is deeply wrong with the new incarnation of the Cooper Hewitt National… More ›


The Dangers Of Audience Gimmicks

What was that song from Gypsy–“You gotta have a gimmick,” right? Sadly some museums are trying gimmicks to lure people into their galleries and I fear this will all end badly.

First Thoughts On the New Whitney

After visiting the new Whitney Museum twice, for a total of about five hours, I’ve come to some tentative conclusions–first and foremost, that it’s a successful building for art,… More ›


The Shocking Cooper Hewitt

Many curtain-raisers for and reviews of the newly renovated and reconceived Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum have focused on its use of technology to make the museum interactive, participatory and… More ›

A Giant Step Forward At The Met

When I visited The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky at the Metropolitan Museum on Saturday afternoon, I was prepared to be delighted–and I was, in more ways than one.


Menil Collection Starts Drawing Center

Nearly 40 years after the creation of The Drawing Center in New York, the Menil Collection in Houston has broken ground on The Menil Drawing Institute (pictured below)–and I haven’t seen… More ›

Exhibitions To See This Spring

As usual for the past few years, I also compiled a list of about 30 exhibitions at museums around the country that are on view now or will be on view this spring and summer for The New York… More ›


Breaking: Met Names New President

The Met’s board of trustees this afternoon anointed Daniel H. Weiss as president, succeeding Emily K. Rafferty, who is retiring as of Mar. 31.

Badly Bungled Philanthropy

The New York Philharmonic* just gave everyone a lesson in how not to fundraise. I am talking, of course, about the announcement that David Geffen has promised $100 million to the Phil for the… More ›

MFA’s Gets A Load of Rothschild Loot

Literally. Bettina Burr (known as Nina, pictured left)–the daughter of Baroness Bettina Looram de Rothschild, who reclaimed about 250 pieces of Nazi-looted art from Austria after it passed a new… More ›

10. Oval snuffbox with miniature of Catherine the Great

I’m Away…

I’m taking a winter vacation this year and therefore am unlikely to be posting until my return during the first week in February.