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‘Big Eyes’ – Will Tom Wolfe Endorse It?

Big Eyes — Can Kitsch Be Cool?


‘Theo’s House’: Escaping Architecture

Theo’s House

By Rax Rinnekangas, Finland, 2014, 108 minutes


Romanian Cinema — Tears, Betrayal, and a Few Laughs

Making Waves – New Romanian Cinema


Docs — ‘Hermitage Revealed’…and More

From the Tsars to the Cellars in Manifesta

Hermitage Revealed


Docs: IDFA — ‘Raiders’ and Official Corruption in Russia



Docs – IDFA : Drone Wars and Other Wars

IDFA 2014 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam Nov. 19-30


Persian Desert Nights – ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’

In the Belly of the Great Satan

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night


‘Bad Hair’ – Small Is Beautiful

Boy Meets Hair, Boy Hates Hair, Boy Fights Mother

Bad Hair


DOC-NYC Closes: Satire, a Serial Killer and Human Sacrifice

Non-Verite Cinema — The Doc Author’s Voice Lives

The Yes Men Are Revolting


‘Foxcatcher’ — Wrestling with the .001 Per Cent

Hold Me, Love Me …..