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First Look – A Credulous American Behind Bars

I Touched All Your Stuff (A Vida Privada dos Hipopótamos)


‘Amour Fou’ — First Look

If You Love Me, Will You Die for Me?

Amour Fou, Dir. Jessica Hausner, Austria/Germany/Luxemburg, 2014, 96 minutes


The Tragedy of ‘Charlie Hebdo’

Take It From Muhammad – It’s Hard to Be Loved by Jerks (C’est Dur d’Etre Aime par des Cons)


‘Li’l Quinqin’ – The Clues Are Inside the Cow

La Bete Humaine

Li’l Quinquin


‘Leviathan’ — a Film for 2015

For God and Country


dir.  Andrey Zvyagintsev, Russia,  2014, 144 minutes


‘The Interview’ – The Road to Pyongyang

Rogen Wins, for Now

The Interview,  dir. Seth Rogen, US, 2014, 112 minutes

The news is out. The Interview in its first few days did $15 million in VOD.  That’s a record for Sony, and a sign that, even with whatever powers the North Koreans possess to retaliate electronically toward their enemies, they can’t staunch the public’s appetite for satire. Or at least for aggressively hyped satire.


‘Mr. Turner’ — Queen Victoria Hated Him

Light, Light and Light

Mr. Turner


‘Big Eyes’ – Will Tom Wolfe Endorse It?

Big Eyes — Can Kitsch Be Cool?


‘Theo’s House’: Escaping Architecture

Theo’s House

By Rax Rinnekangas, Finland, 2014, 108 minutes


Romanian Cinema — Tears, Betrayal, and a Few Laughs

Making Waves – New Romanian Cinema