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Persian Desert Nights – ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’

In the Belly of the Great Satan

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night


‘Bad Hair’ – Small Is Beautiful

Boy Meets Hair, Boy Hates Hair, Boy Fights Mother

Bad Hair


DOC-NYC Closes: Satire, a Serial Killer and Human Sacrifice

Non-Verite Cinema — The Doc Author’s Voice Lives

The Yes Men Are Revolting


‘Foxcatcher’ — Wrestling with the .001 Per Cent

Hold Me, Love Me …..



DOC-NYC – Bakeries and Crooked Brooklyn Cops


If you want to make money with a documentary, buy a lottery ticket.


‘Point and Shoot’ and Film Me

Point and Shoot

Dir. Marshall Curry, USA, 2014, 82 minutes


Snowden – No Longer Secret

The Whistleblower Emerges, Long Enough To Be Filmed



Viennale — Comic Classic Kleist and More

Amour Fou — I Know You Love Me, Let’s Die

True to form, the 2014 Viennale (Oct. 23 – Nov. 6) mixes new and old, global and local, in 397 films.


WE THE ECONOMY – Them and Us – on Film

Are We All in the Same Boat?

Most people look at the economy the way they look at a hammer.  They may not be so aware of how it’s constructed, but they certainly feel the pain that it can cause.


Jeff Koons in the Flesh, Out of the Spotlight

Koons Before the Carapace

Jeff, Embrace Your Past

Dir. Roger Teich, USA, 2014, 40 minutes