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How He Got There – Bill Cosby: An American Scandal

The trial of Bill Cosby on sexual assault charges began today in a court in Montgomery County, outside Philadelphia.

America's Dad -- Not So Funny Now

America’s Dad — Not So Funny Now

Tonight Investigation Discovery airs Bill Cosby: An American Scandal, narrated by the editor of the National Enquirer, Dylan Howard.

You won’t hear much from Cosby here, but you will hear from Lili Bernard, a young aspiring actress whom Cosby drugged and raped.

On camera, she puts it simply.

“Bill Cosby is a master manipulator, and Dr. Cliff Huxtable was nothing but a smoke screen. It was a diversion to distract people from knowing what he’s really doing, which is drugging, raping, abusing.”

There are others who’ve said the same things, lots of them.

I you’ve lost track of the number of women who made this charge, you’re not alone.  The Daily News put the mountains of accusation simply in a full-page headline that ran until the space on the page ran out – “HE SAYS – SHE SAYS, SHE SAYS, SHE SAYS, SHE SAYS, SHE SAYS, SHE SAYS, SHE SAYS………. “

Somewhere bets are being taken on whether Cosby and his lawyers, who have delayed things for years so far, can continue to delay a final decision on Cosby until he’s too old to lock up. That may be all he has left. For Cosby the comedian, these are no longer charges that he can shrug off with a laugh.

Two years ago, when the accusations were still mounting, Participant Films was preparing a positive documentary that followed Cosby’s role in the Civil Rights movement. Cosby was indeed with the movement for years, as a public voice and a benefactor, but with the news of his parallel private life, the doc that took years to make with Cosby’s cooperation seems to have become un-releasable.

Here’s my story about it in Indiewire.

You can watch Bill Cosby: An American Scandal on Investigation Discovery tonight at 9 pm Eastern time. If that’s not enough Cosby for you, the BBC has its own doc, Cosby: Fall of An American Icon.

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