David D'Arcy
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Full Frame 3 — The Talking Wounded and Mavis

Of Men and War dir. Laurent Becue-Renard, France, 2014, 142 minutes

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‘Black Souls’ — Rotting at the Roots

It Takes a Village to Remind You of Old Hatreds

Black Souls dir. Francesco Munzi, Italy, 2014, 108 minutes

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Full Frame II – Coal, Satire and the Border

Violence and Laughter

Overburden, dir. Chad A. Stevens, US, 2015, 66 minutes

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Full Frame 1 – The War on Civilians

The War on Civilians

Over-armed and Undertrained

Peace Officer dir. United States, 2015, 109 minutes

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About Elly – Farhadi at His Best

Another Day at the Beach

About Elly,  dir. Asghar Farhadi, Iran, 2009, 119 minutes

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Michel Houellebecq – Master of Screen Deadpan

A Literary Drunk and The Kidnappers Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight

The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq Dir.  Guillaume Nicloux, France, 2014, 108 minutes

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FIFA 2015 – Kenneth and Donald — Variations on the Art Bio-Pic

Presenters and Losers

At the International Festival of Films on Art – Montreal

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New Directors –’Goodnight Mommy’ – Take Off Your Bandage

But Your Nose Is All Wrong

Goodnight Mommy, dir. Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala

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Jytte Jensen – a Farewell

Jytte Jensen – Cinema Mourns a Cherished Friend

Something seemed not right on March 18 when MoMA’s veteran film curator, Jytte Jensen, was absent from a group of programmers at the opening of the New Directors/New Films festival. Then the sad news came. Jytte Jensen died this week at 65 after a battle with cancer.

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FIFA — Art Stashed in Castles and Salt Mines

Illustre et Inconnu dirs.. Jean-Pierre Devillers et Pierre Pochart

Hitlers Schatz im Berg dirs. Petra Dorrmann und André Schäfer

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