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Berlinale – Fassbinder — Love, In Spite of Everything

Fassbinder: To Love Without Limits

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Berlinale: ‘Censored Voices’ from Israel

A Real Country , a Real War, Testimony from Real People

Censored Voices

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Berlinale – ‘Taxi’ to the Other Side

Berlin International Film Festival

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Berlinale — ‘Elser’ (‘13 Minutes’)

The Man Who Almost Killed Hitler

13 Minutes

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Sundance – ‘Prophet’s Prey’ – Abuse and Impunity

A Prophet Becomes a Martyr

Prophet’s Prey

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Sundance – Tick, Tock –”The Russian Woodpecker’

The Russian Woodpecker

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Sundance: Indie Comedies – Wholesome and Funny

Laughs from Cancer and Hometown Ennui

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

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First Look – A Credulous American Behind Bars

I Touched All Your Stuff (A Vida Privada dos Hipopótamos)

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‘Amour Fou’ — First Look

If You Love Me, Will You Die for Me?

Amour Fou, Dir. Jessica Hausner, Austria/Germany/Luxemburg, 2014, 96 minutes

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The Tragedy of ‘Charlie Hebdo’

Take It From Muhammad – It’s Hard to Be Loved by Jerks (C’est Dur d’Etre Aime par des Cons)

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