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Woody Allen’s “Magic” – Costumed Ultra-lite

Make My Fiancee Disappear

Magic in the Moonlight

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‘A Master Builder’ – Nordic Fights

Ibsen – Worth the Patience

A Master Builder

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‘Alive Inside’ – Alzheimer’s: The Musical ?

The Singing Cure

Alive Inside

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The Apes – They’re Back, Again…..

Apes – Ancestor Worship? — Brother Against Brother

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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Jafar Panahi Is (and Isn’t ) in the House

This Is Also Not a Film

Closed Curtain

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‘A Hard Day’s Night’ — The Beatles Satirize Themselves (and Their Fans)

Pop Frenzy in Black and White

A Hard Day’s Night

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Feds: ‘Get Whitey’ — The Bulger Chronicles

Rat or Robin Hood?

WHITEY: The United States of American vs. James J. Bulger

Dir. Joe Berlinger, USA, 2014, 130 minutes (premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, now in theaters)

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‘The Last Sentence’ — Swedes at Their Worst

Jan Troell – Life After Bergman – Swedish Shame Finds Its Realist Auteur

The Last Sentence

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‘Burning Bush’ – Justice, Czech Style

Forget the Evidence-  Here’s Your Verdict, Comrades

Burning Bush

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Staged Protest – Dangerous Acts

All Autonomous Acts Will Be Punished

Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus

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