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The Return of Modernism — On Facebook


Avid smartphone users (a.k.a. everyone) may have noticed a startling change lately: The look of the all-mighty Facebook app is… a little different. Where there were once 3-D buttons, there are… More ›

The iMac, Reincarnated as a Light Fixture


Believe it or not, these pendant lamps were computers in a former life. By the looks of things, I would guess that in the ’90s the words “Good Design” had yet to enter Jonathan… More ›

Who Saw the Apple Slap Bracelet Coming?


Contrary to recent reports that Apple is exploring the possibility of a wearable device of curved glass, a patent filing unearthed by AppleInsider shows designs from 2011 for a “bi-stable spring… More ›

The Enduring Simplicity of Apple


“…strive for a Design that is centered on the message rather than visual titillation.” — Massimo Vignelli, “The Vignelli Canon” “Good design is as little design… More ›