Copenhagen is the World’s Most Bike-Friendly City


Copenhagenize, a design consultancy that advises municipal governments on how to become more bike-friendly, has released its annual survey of the world’s most bike-friendly cities and the results are, well, somewhat expected: Copenhagen takes the top position. “This year, we considered cities with a regional population over 600,000 (with a few exceptions because of their political and regional importance, and to keep things interesting). We ranked 122 cities,” explains the organization’s leader, Mikael Colville-Andersen, in a piece for Wired. “Studies from Denmark tell us that for every kilometer cycled, society enjoys a net profit of 23 cents, whereas for every kilometer driven by car we suffer a net loss of 16 cents.”

Copenhagen, which previously came in second right behind Amsterdam, now takes pride of place in the top spot. “The Danish capital remains impressively consistent in its investment in cycling as transport and in making efforts to push it to the next level,” explains Wired. “With regard to a uniform network of urban design for bicycles, Copenhagen is unrivaled in the world.”

Unsurprisingly, all top five entries are small or mid-size Northern European cities with longstanding traditions of both cycling and extensive public transit infrastructure. Amsterdam, Utrecht, Strasbourg, and Eindhoven round out the top 5; the highest-ranking American city to make the list is Minneapolis, which is also the only U.S. city on the list.

 — Anna Kats (@coldwarcasual)

Image via Wikipedia.