Gropius and Breuer’s Chamberlain Cottage on Market for $2M.

stoller_breuer_gropiusChamberlain Cottage, Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, Wayland, MA (1942) by Ezra Stoller.

One of the first structures designed by Marcel Breuer in the United States has listed on the real estate market for an asking price of $2 million. The Chamberlain Cottage was completed in 1940 by Breuer, who worked on the design with Walter Gropius, and built on the riverbank in Wayland, Massachusetts. The online listing for the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home makes no mention of the building’s landmark status; even if no preservation clause is currently in place, the home should only be purchased by a preservation-minded steward who plans to tend to the building without any substantive changes to the interior.

Architectural historian David Dunster explains that the building’s exceptional qualities also extend to the structural framework: “Breuer’s understanding of American timber balloon frame constructed on a masonry base is intelligently exaggerated in this house, designed soon after his leaving Europe,” he writes in Key Buildings of the Twentieth Century, Volume 1: Houses 1900-1944.  “The balloon frame is constructed as a truss, allowing cantilevering of the kitchen and ‘inglenook’ over the lower ground floor entrance, as well as the glazed porch at right angles to the kitchen.”

— Anna Kats (@coldwarcasual)

Image courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York.